mercredi 31 août 2016

Rathbun Attempts To Defend David Miscavige

Marty is more coherent than usual in this long blog while he attempts to defend David Miscavige from his father Ron. It's almost as if someone were paying him to do so:


When Ron later told me that he was in the process of inking a deal with St Martins Press to publish a tell-all about his son, he went out of his way to inform me that his change of heart about attacking his son had nothing to do with the wide circulation of the scandalous PI story. I told him that was a good thing for him. Since he had acknowledged to me that Mike Rinder was part of his advisory team, I told Ron that I assumed that Mike informed him that the accusation about David instructing the private investigator is in fact “provable bullshit.”
Rathbun Attempts To Defend David Miscavige

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