lundi 22 août 2016

Andy Nolce - Saving Scientology on You Tube

Andy Nolce is a Kool aide drinker trying to "save" Scientology!

Andy Nolce states: "Don't do HARDSELL incorrectly and piss people off. Do Hardsell correctly where when you bankrupt them - you don't piss them off".:eyeroll::whistling:

GAWD....Someone please tell Andy that LRH says people leave because they have overts or MU's.....and ALL nattering about Scientology = overts and big nasty crimes.

Andy says...LRH is more talented than the average person...and the average person can't apply LRH's version of HARDSELL....they are not as Oat Tea as LRH.

Andy thinks if LRH could see what has been going on with the hardsell crush regging - he would not be happy.

Andy says "THETA" gets things done...not HARDSELL. Whew baby...someone tell Andy that "DENIAL" is not just a river in EGYPT!

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Andy Nolce - Saving Scientology on You Tube

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