samedi 13 août 2016

Mimsey screws up

You may have seen my post on Tony's site this morning - with the picture of Clark Carr:

In it I mistakenly said Gretchen got bupkis in the way of a service, and that Julian was her son. So, Lou G posted this response:


Lou G • 4 hours ago

Gretchen and Fred Schwartz are not the parents of Julian. Fred's brother Louis has that distinction and I am not sure who his mother is. Gretchen did have a big memorial service. There were at least a 100 people in attendance. It was held at CCI in the garden. Fred was there looking befuddled with a handler close by. I was very fond of both Fred and Gretchen.

Arthur is a remarkable artist. Painting with blood sounds quite sensational but is not some ghoulish practice and has a long history. Google it. His paintings are quite beautiful and he is very accomplished.
So I emailed Tony and he graciously corrected my faux pas. Here is my apology to him and it is for anybody else it applies to.

My bad,



Hi Tony,

I apologize to you for my inaccuracies - I had gone to Ruthie Silverberg's service She as an Asho reg, ex-wife of Michael Silverberg - the AO reg. It was a well attended shindig, and I expected the same for Gretchen when I heard she had passed. I tried to find out about her getting a service and found zip. When I posted at ESMB about it, or the lack, the only thing in the way of a service I heard of was a comment that they had one at FSC for her. It seemed awfully paltry, and I was pissed at the disrespect for someone who gave her life to the church. Hence my comment.

So much for my career as an investigative reporter, huh?

So, thank you for correcting what I wrote, and again, my apologies.

Mimsey screws up

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