dimanche 21 août 2016

FLAG stats - personal observation

My wife and I haven't been to Flag since 2008 prior to when we were promoted to SP status in spring of 2009. In 2003 and 4 we got on to OT 7 and the place was hopping, but my personal observation was the dwindling in the OT6 meter / drilling rooms, as well as behind the double doors.

My wife's first question, which I am posting on her behalf, is - what are the stats - has it continued to dwindle? She would appreciate and observation of people having been there 2010 on.

Her second question - would they allow persons on OT6-7 etc if they have disabilities, such as wheel chairs, oxygen tanks, walkers. Have you seen any in that condition at Flag? We recall a very frustrated OT, an elderly woman from England on OT 7 whose short term memory loss was preventing her from passing the what to do drills. I imagine she felt doomed - if she couldn't recall how to run the process, how could she go ot7 and ot 8 and thus achieve her eternity?


FLAG stats - personal observation

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