jeudi 18 août 2016

Help to locate Shereen Hull needed badly. Urgent.

Shereen Filisky Hull's Father, John Filisky, is in Hospital with Renal failure, and bladder cancer. He is near 90 yrs old.
His Daughter, Shereen, disconnected from John some 35 years ago, and his family in L.A. has no idea how to find her to inform her. ( not that she would give a fook).
John was not told of his Son Rick Filisky's death until after the fact. John doesn't even know what became of Rick's body.
He loves Shereen. She has always been his little girl. The L.A. family, unlike the fooking COS, have the integrity to want to inform Shereen. I know that John would leave this earth joyful if Shereen would speak to him.
Millie Filisy, John's Wife, and my bestest friend for some 60 years, has had a series of strokes, and is not operating on all cylinders.
Can someone help?
Help to locate Shereen Hull needed badly. Urgent.

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