mardi 30 août 2016

scientology question

hi, I really hope you can help. My son is more or less a scientologist. he does not seem to be active but often sees things as attacks.

I have not seen him in over 7 years. I finally got to see him and meet my 8 month old grandbaby and the baby's mom. The baby and mom-not scientologist were great. Son was a beast. I think he was determinedly trying to alienate us. he has already alienated her parents.

Anyway one of the things at the beginning was that I am decrepit and pathetic. This is because i did not read a scientology booklet 12 years ago when circumstances and my husband lost me my house. My husband has since realized that you can not make up for lack of money by gambling to get more. Anyway, nearly 5 years ago I was diagnosed with a thymoma, cancer in the chest- thymus gland. very rare, currently about 3000 in the world. no relation to anything. I almost died, my husband was there day and night, made sure every need was met, even if he had to do it personally. I discovered what a good spouse truly is, I know my son's father would have stayed for that. Long story short, presumed mistakes on surgeons part and radiation along with a billion types of xray, etc has made me lose 10% + of my left lung. right lung is dead so i live on 40% lung capacity, always on oxygen, get shakes etc. My son said that if i had read a pamphlet i would be divorced and not have had the same results. can someone help me understand. I know it is not truly true. i would be dead if hubby had not been there. i am positive my son would not take care of me. i really need help to formulate an answer. thank you very much.
scientology question

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