dimanche 28 août 2016

OT -- The Missing Ingredient

A lot of us have sought to gain "supernatural" powers -- telekinesis, clairvoyance, ESP -- only to find it hasn't happened. Why not? I've decided there is a missing ingredient.

In every popular movement, there has been one or a few "leaders" who seem to be able to walk on water. Members ooh an aah as the guru performs amazing feats. Yet when they try to accomplish the same, doing everything the organization asks of them, they can't do it. Why not?

There is a missing ingredient, and the missing ingredient is worship. When you are worship someone, you lend some of your "core energy" to them. This then makes them more powerful, powerful enough to accomplish minor (or not so minor) miracles.

In any group intending to raise its members up into higher states, the more successful they are, the more worship the leader(s) get. This worship becomes addictive; the temptation is there to make helping the group secondary to just getting more and more worship. I'm sure you're thinking of the same example I am right now (hip, hip, hooray!)

I'll write more on this tomorrow.

OT -- The Missing Ingredient

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