lundi 22 août 2016

Bullshit Apologists for Scientology in Academia

I ran across this info concerning "correcting the "mis-information" spread by Scientology commenters such as Russell Miller, Jon Atack, et al. :melodramatic:

Having received information from those who were actually aboard the Scotman/Apollo in the Med and knowing the scene that had to be handled by the GO at the time, I could see the false bullshit of the apologist who wrote chapter 19 of the linked book who, is either a shill for the CofS or, his level of "research" and facts gathering was simply limited to the tripe covered in Scientology organizational "press handouts"!

What a poseur . . .

You folks who have the interest and time might care to point out the gross misrepresentation of facts the author of the book put into his “Chapter 19” . . . what is obvious is that he got his data from the CofS . . . not from any reliable sources.


This below posted on the Independent Scientologists Facebook group here:

Randy McDonald
July 26 at 2:11pm

For the first time, learn the truth about what *really* happened to LRH and the Sea Org at Corfu, Greece, in 1968 and early 1969. Find out who really was behind it, and why. Liars such as Russell Miller and Jon Atack wrote a false, fictional "history" to twist, omit, and hide crucial facts—because that was exactly their jobs. Now you can know the facts.

Excerpt, Chapter 19 “Tangier, Morocco: The Real Watergate”

This is an excerpt from the book Watergate: The Hoax, by Ashton Gray, now on sale at Amazon, iBooks, Barnes & Noble, and other fine book retailers. This is Chapter…


Roger Boswarva ugh . . . that read of Chapter 19 was about as believable as the Democratic Nat. Committee spokesperson's assertion that the Russians hacked their emails and exposed them in order to help Trump get elected president! It ain't so . . .

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Randy McDonald Why, Roger Boswarva, that's about the best complete generality smear I've read in—oh, I don't know, maybe the last 10 minutes. You're very good at useless generalities. Now here's my prediction (and I'll knock this one right out of the park): You will not post even ONE actual stated fact from that chapter and say what "ain't so" about it. You know why?you're a B/S artist, and I'm calling you out. Wanna play?

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Bullshit Apologists for Scientology in Academia

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