jeudi 1 octobre 2015

What is the best way to combat Auditing and Ethics in a child receiving auditing

As some of you have read I have a 6 year old daughter who lives with her mother a majority of the time. My daughter is enrolled in Delphi Academy in Los Angeles. My daughter's mother is a second generation $cientologist, which makes life very hard for me, as a father who wants the best for his daughter. There are many things I worry about with my daughter. Chief among my worries is the worry that she is undergoing auditing and Ethics through Delphi Los Angeles if not through the church itself.

Does anyone have any advice for parent who does not have much in the way of control as far as his daughter is concerned? I have posted about my trials and tribulations about my daughter and doctors visits. Since that post I took my daughter to the dentist when she was here in August only to find out that she had 8 cavities and they were only able to fill two the next day because she is 6 and she cannot sit still for that long. They asked when I would be able to bring her in to get the rest filled. My response was March 2016 due to the time frame that I have her that they may be open. I know my x will not take her into see the dentist so this is left squarely on my shoulders as per usual.

This post was not supposed to be about the doctor or dentist, but about a way to combat the effects of auditing or Ethics counseling in a child of 6 years old. As I have stated above, my daughter holds somethings back from me and being her father I can tell when she is holding back. I do not force her or tell her she is lying I realize that her mother and $cientology have a strong hold on her and have probably threatened her ability to see me and that is why she will not tell me what is going on. To elaborate on the fact that I know she would really hate not seeing daddy, almost every time I take her back to her mother she attempts to con me into bringing her back to my house. She has also asked if her mother can come and live with us, to which I reply that her mother and I do not get along.

If anyone who reads this knows a good way to have my daughter open up to me I would be glad to hear it. I understand they have threatened her and that scares her, so I do not push her for the information. I appreciate that my daughter feels safe with me and want to keep that feeling there for her. Any advice you might have for this situation would be great.
What is the best way to combat Auditing and Ethics in a child receiving auditing

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