jeudi 1 octobre 2015

Redo of Purif (3X) is 100% Standard Tech


This poor woman is delighted that she's finally done with the Purif. Well, who wouldn't be?

What happened the other 2 times? What had to happen this last time that made the CS and pc (pre-OT) feel that she ep'd?

Does anyone think that the process never ran as advertised and didn't ep as advertised. In the early '80's I recall LOTS of purif folks having very vague wins and LOTS of D of P interviews trying to find some spark of a win so the guy/girl could complete.

The "tech" is vague. Period. No amount of word clearing is going to resolve that.

LRH could have done some research and come up with a simple ep, such as:

"Run the purif every day for 20 days. If the pc is getting changes he should stay on the program until it stops."

But noooooooo, that would be too easy. Better to come up with a sloppy program with a vague result and let the CS's sort it out and get declared if enough people complain.
Redo of Purif (3X) is 100% Standard Tech

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