lundi 5 octobre 2015

Thank you, everyone

My name is Emiko. I am 19 years old and Scientology has picked up in my interests in the past few years. I wanted to know how it destroyed people, why people joined, and why they didn't leave. I studied the religion for a long time and watched every documentary available, listened to all LRH lectures, and viewed all available archives. I've never been involved personally in Scientology, but would love to talk to everyone about his or her experiences.
I understand how it has destroyed people mentally. I have PTSD and can relate to people with similar anxiety or depressive issues after leaving. I'm willing to offer advice.

Since I myself did not suffer at the hands of Scientology, I will give my background in religion.
I was raised Catholic, but disagreed with the faith early on. I left the religion when I was ten and was ignored by most of my family after that. I studied religions and eventually converted to Hinduism. I took part in several sects at the beginning and was mistreated by many men. Eventually I settled for a modern sect of Hinduism that supports women's rights. However, after being in the religion for several years, the mistreatment I received due to being a women was too uncomfortable for me, so I left the faith. I cannot imagine being unable to suppress my thoughts or to ask questions in a religion. I've been in abusive relationships like this, but I cannot imagine being in an abusive religion.

Feel free to message me or ask me questions. I'm pretty out of it and the moment so I'm sorry if this post doesn't make too much sense.
Thank you, everyone

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