jeudi 1 octobre 2015

Jairus Chegero Godeka

I just found this story of a guy who walked into an org and shot four people. My question is what Scientology services if any did he do ?

Quote below from a story.


-- The man who shot four people 19 years ago at Portland's downtown Scientology center earned his bachelor's degree at the University of Oregon last spring, worked in the campus cafeteria part time while a student and now lives in a group home in Springfield.
Jairus Chegero Godeka appeared Wednesday before the state's Psychiatric Security Review Board, arguing that he poses no danger to the community and should no longer be under the board's control.

He asked to return to his native Kenya and offered to give up his right to come back to the United States. He even asked to be placed on the no-fly list to prevent it. He promised to find a reputable psychiatrist in his home country to continue with treatment.

"He's been out among us in the community working with students and others pretty seamlessly,'' Godeka's lawyer, Harris Matarazzo, told the three-member board

Jairus Chegero Godeka

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