lundi 5 octobre 2015

Hello from Downunder!

Hi Guys,

After a good few years of browsing this site to get acquainted with the subject of $cientology and its dangers I am throwing my hat in the ring and signing up!

I have enjoyed many laughs and a few tears reading the stories and experiences had by members here.

I reside in Oz and although the presence of the church here seems to be almost fading to nothing, I always find myself becoming interested in the up to date happenings. It became a strange fascination like someone who gets addicted to trash magazines.

One question that has been on my mind lately is why don't we see a classic overthrow of DM within the church? Is it just me or does the temptation of toppling the tyrant at the top to get access to billions of $ and real estate not seem worth a try to someone :). Even a good old espionage mission sounds good in theory...

Thanks for having me.

Hello from Downunder!

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