samedi 5 septembre 2015

My first Com Ev at Flag

I was a succesfull course supervisor and an officer at age 23 at Flag. I just started supervising with great success. On an afternoon I got the famous yellow paper that a ProTRs supervisor is getting a Com Ev and I would be a member to sentence him. I was not happy about it as I was one of his previous students but I had to go. I looked through his ethics file with other committe members and I could hardly find anything bad - so they ordered his whole department to sit down and start to write knowledge reports about this guy - and they were in trouble if they didn't write any report (otherwise they would have been reasonable with the scene and that is a PTS phenomamon I think). but even so only big report he got from 5 years ago. We interviewed him - he was scared as hell fearing we can even send him to RPF (scientology's labor camp) for having bad production statistic. We sent up our recommendations that he should get more training instead of punishment. From Senior HCO a letter came back saying we were too reasonable and we got a threat we could got com eved if we did a bad job on this. We then recommended a lower condition, etc - we were still sentenced for com ev for being easy on the guy. They had nothing on him. It was not a justice - he just had a bad 3 weeks. We ourselves received a com ev for disagreeing to over punish a guy. He got an other com ev he was sentenced to RPF and died there.

In 2003 I saw one of my juniors being beaten physically by a security guard.
My Establishemnt officer had typed up Com evs on my whole section so she just needed to hit a buttom and anyone of could be in deep s..t.

After EPF and RPF being full they established the DPF - not LRH but DM creation to handle people wanting to leave or disagreeing with the church. It was full - more people wanting to leave than arriving to Flag.

I think scientology ethics and justice in sea orgs got grossly misimplemented and misused. It is not true that there is no body harm. Sometimes they put you to eat only rice and beans for weeks until you pass out. Many times I could not get mealbreak.

I am now joining independent scientology movement.
My first Com Ev at Flag

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