samedi 5 septembre 2015

Birdsong WAS a troll but now he's something worse



My name is Elizabeth. I've been lurking here on and off for years. Twenty years ago my little brother started to study Scientology. At first it looked good. He stopped smoking pot and snuffling coke. XCut his hair and got a better job. Then he joined staff and I've only seen him twice since then. Same story dozens of other people have told dozens of times on ESMB

And I know Commander Birdsong. I live in the Haight Ashbury and I've known Bird (CB) since 1983 when I was working in the Pipe Dreams head shop. In fact Bird and his friend Vernon were two of my favorites among all the "dayglo zen crazies" of Haight street. So I buy the poetry he sells and we talk on the street, sometimes share a cup of coffee. He's different, like a cross between Rush Limbaugh, Timothy Leary and Charlie Chaplain.

Yesterday (all my troubles seemed so far away. Now it looks as though they're here to stay) I ran into him at Cole Street. He was all smiles and bouncy. He looked better than he has in years. So I asked him what's going on. We talked about the essay "To Draw A Line". I told him I saw it on ESMB and he thought that was way cool. Then he told me after a five year survey he was ready to extend his idea into a comprehensive Amendment that would the Roe v. Wade wars. He pulled a lined yellow halfpage piece of paper out of his bible. It starts with a little curlicue that pinches abortion services just a little. Then comes the good part, what he called "a quadrille" (?) that encapsulates all the things women gained from Roe v. Wade and puts them in the Constitution. I loved it. I was all in favor of it. Then he said he wrote that then spent a week thinking about it, flipped the paper over and filled up the other side. I couldn't believe it. Three years from now this Amendment abolishes Roe v. Wade and closes every abortion service everywhere. Yeah, sure, after that it leaves open a window so women can get abortion approved on a state-by-state basis. We spent CENTURIES trying to get our rights. We spent forty two years fighting to defend Roe v. Wade and now he is GENEROUSLY going to give us a chance to get our rights back after this Amendment takes them away. Then he finishes off by putting it in bed with all the lies of The Inside Job of 2001 and wrapping them together in The Star Speckled Banana.

And Then!

He closes by making Yom Kippur a yearly weeklong national holiday !!! I'm not kidding. For real. I pointed at it and said something about separation of church and state and he said we use a solar calendar and jews use a lunar calendar so the two dates only coincide by coincidence (?). I've always had jewish friends and I know about Yom Kippur. Mrs Schofield gave me a B+ in Arithmetic in third grade. I have the numbers. I can do the math. This Amendment makes Yom Kippur an annual weeklong national holiday.

I thought about it last and woke up this morning and had an idea. ESMB people are AWESOME! You all know Anony Mouses and probably people from the Occupy protest. Maybe we can get a flash mob going

Can you, would you start e-mailing people you know, especially in the Bay Area to come into San Francisco on Labor Day and wander around until 2:00 PM then gather at the monument on the East end of The Panhandle. I'll be there with a copy of CB's Amendment. He's meeting me in an hour and a half to give me a xerox copy and I'll make a bunch of copies. We can get together and stop this before it ever even starts. CB's been working on this the past two weeks and talking it up. I've seen him talking to cops who always kept rousting him and they talk to him now with big smiles. A lot of people are gonna like this but I don't.

Get in touch with people back east. Maybe we can have a crowd on the steps of the Capitol Building Tuesday morning chanting "D.O.A.! D.O.A.! Make the bad witch go away!/D.O.A.! D.O.A.! We won't give an inch today!!!"

We don't have to get blind-sided for once. We can have this before Congress has it. Bird was just putting the letter to Nancy Pelosi in the mail. The press already has it. He told me he wrote to the Manchester paper Wednesday.

Gotta run.
Birdsong WAS a troll but now he's something worse

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