samedi 5 septembre 2015

Miscavige is getting death threats

LAPD investigating death threats against Scientology leader David Miscavige


David Miscavige, the leader of the Church of Scientology, has alleged that somebody has threatened to kill him. Following the threats, Miscavige informed police officials in Los Angeles, triggering an investigation, TMZ reported Saturday.

An unknown man reportedly kept calling Scientology’s main line in Hollywood in July and made very specific threats against Miscavige. The operator, who answered the call, reportedly kept the suspect engaged on the phone for nearly three hours and was able to retrieve information, including his Skype address, which could help identify him.

The person said: "Tell David that we are going to kill him.

"We are going to assassinate Mr. Miscavige and every single one of you."

The person also said, according to TMZ: "You tell your leader, who is an a------ and a m----------, he is going to be shot pretty soon."

The information has since been forwarded to LAPD's Major Crimes Unit, which launched an investigation and issued an arrest warrant against the person last month. The TMZ report added that officials suspect the person to be a Jewish businessman. However, it was not clear if any arrests have been made in the case.
Miscavige is getting death threats

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