vendredi 4 septembre 2015

Lazy, lazy academic paper

If one is awarded a PHD the least you could expect is that they would at least skim the surface of earlier research articles into the subject in question. Ali A. Rizvi seems to have simply pulled his article on cults out of his ass and relied on his academic credentials to pass it off as a serious piece of work. I call him out on it.

Every once in a while a person with some academic title will come up with a rehashed, relativist argument that lets destructive cults off the hook.

The latest in this line is one Ali A. Rizvi, he has a profile on Richard if you want to view his credentials.

He states: ‘Every religion was once a cult. Every mythology was once a religion. In essence, all three are the exact same thing.’

I disagree with his analysis. A cult has a very specific set of characteristics and when we look at the cost in. See full article at:
Lazy, lazy academic paper

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