mardi 8 septembre 2015

Elle - OSA Troll ? or just plain troll ?

Recently a person posting as elle on the Underground Bunker has been trying to disrupt certain threads and deny certain cult crimes. Elle has even gone to the trouble of trying various buttons on me and learning a lot about me personally. Elle also never addresses videos I post, or watches them.

It was explained to me that as an OSA agent elle cannot watch videos with OT materials and since you don't know exactly what is on a YouTube video until you watch it elle simply doesn't watch any of the videos I post at all, despite spending hours learning about me and my personal life and buttons.

I will post a comment I made at the Bunker here.

OT fyi for anyone that deals with elle. Elle recently made several attempts to derail threads and "find my buttons", to fluster me and get me to stop posting and sharing links to my blog. The methods chosen and topics ignored and addressed have convinced me elle is running off a playbook. The OSA playbook on internet trolling.
Elle has taken the time to learn a lot about me and my blog. And to follow OSA protocol on posting online. I guess it is a kind of compliment to have someone devote time and effort to disrupting my efforts. Thanks elle, I must be saying something you want stopped or you wouldn't put in all the work to shut me up. Maybe even David Miscavige hates my work.
So, I feel I need to up my output now, thanks elle. :-D

Has anyone else here had experiences with elle ? What rules do you think OSA trolls follow ?

Incidentally elle trying different buttons and having info on me ( possibly from my PC and ethics folders ) is the giveaway that elle is not a random indie or troll never in.

Elle has tried numerous derails and really is dead set against people reading my "vanity blog" which , despite knowing quite a bit about elle describes as "boooooooooring" . Strange to read a blog with about a hundred and thirty posts if you consider it boring. !? Unless you are assigned to by somebody.

I would appreciate any info anybody has on elle. And you can read my vanity blog - I hope it's not too boooooooooring.
Elle - OSA Troll ? or just plain troll ?

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