mardi 1 septembre 2015

Dennie Nobbe arrest

Dennis Nobbe (Miami cash cow)was arrested in August 2015- something to do with workman's comp violations. His mug shot is on line. I can't find any other info. Anyone know anything? His mug shot was sorta a kid who got his hand caught in the cookie jar...rather than the normal, creepy kind :O)
Also...something else that I found weird. His wife, Chris/Christina/Shattuck/Nobbe was 'big' in FaceBk, using it to find people and get them back on-lines.She had hundreds of friends listed on there. Then, she vanished from there completely and started a "LRH"school in Miami- the New Village Academy. She uses her maiden name on it(Shattuck)....probably because the Chris Nobbe name has such horrible PR with WISE and Scientology connections all over the internet? Her bio on her school site is all a huge fabrication too.If parents knew her true 2D history they wouldn't let their kids in her school.
I have never met Dennis, but I hope he doesn't get stuck with everything. Chris has been an equal partner. The whole mess smells like one of her major screw-ups. I bet she has already sent him divorce papers.
Dennie Nobbe arrest

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