dimanche 6 septembre 2015

Cult Indoctrinee Syndrome

In her essential book on cults Cults In Our Midst, Margaret Singer describes a condition that sounds exactly like Scientology.


Cult indoctrinee syndrome

Sudden, drastic alteration of the individual's value hierarchy, including abandonment of previous academic and career goals. These changes are sudden and catastrophic, rather than the gradual ones that result from maturation or education.

Reduction of cognitive flexibility and adaptability. The cult member substitutes stereotyped cult responses for her or his own.

Narrowing and blunting of affect. Love feelings are repressed. The cult member appears emotionally flatter and less vital than before.

Regression of behavior to childlike levels. The follower becomes dependent on the cult leader and accepts the leader's decisions uncritically.

Physical changes. These changes often include weight loss and deterioration in physical appearance and expression.

Possible pathological symptoms. Such symptoms can include altered states of consciousness. ( page 279 )
Does this sound like anyone you know ?
Cult Indoctrinee Syndrome

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