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Atack on OT 8

For Scientologists, the great mystery behind the curtains is “full operating thetan.” At this stage, which Hubbard first promised in 1952 before he had even come up with the expression “Operating Thetan,” the individual will be able to “exteriorize” from the human body and travel around the universe, at will, performing supernatural acts along the way to the amazement of all concerned.

That state was codified under the title “Operating Thetan Section VIII.” In the 1970 printing of the book Scientology 0-8, OT VIII is defined as “ABILITY TO BE AT CAUSE KNOWINGLY AND AT WILL OVER THOUGHT, LIFE, FORM, MATTER, ENERGY, SPACE AND TIME, SUBJECTIVE AND OBJECTIVE.” Superpowers, indeed! If a planet annoys you, just blow it up. Heck, if a galaxy annoys you, just blow it up!

The trial run for OT VIII failed. The first OT VIII, Otto Roos – who was also one of only five Class XII auditors trained personally by Hubbard – was ejected from Scientology in the early 70s for finding hundreds of discreditable “rock slams” – indicating “evil purposes” – in Hubbard’s auditing folders. I have been on good terms with Otto for several decades, but, much as I like him, I have yet to see anything supernatural in his behavior.

David Miscavige was aware of the difficulty, when he took over Scientology from Hubbard’s appointed heir, Pat Broeker. His first action was to remove all of Broeker’s filing cabinets. As the redoubtable proprietor of the Bunker found, Miscavige even hired PIs to watch Broeker for 24 years (and, no, I didn’t say “hours,” I said “years”) at a tax-deductible cost of over $10 million.

Miscavige likely knew well enough that the OT VIII he was offering would not achieve anything beyond the usual hypnotic euphoria. He certainly didn’t waste any of his own time auditing the level.

Miscavige also knew that when the “List” or “L” processes were released, in the early 70s, Hubbard had claimed they were extracted from OT XXIII (that’s “23” to thee and me). So, there were at least 15 levels above OT VIII. Miscavige spent over ten million dollars of parishioners’ money pursuing Broeker for the missing levels, because without them, Scientology is nothing but an empty room.

Jesse Prince confirmed this hypothesis at our Toronto seminar. He was privy to the release of OT VIII, and the catastrophe occasioned by the notorious introductory bulletin. Ray Mithoff patched together various Hubbard ‘advices’ to reveal the great secret: that Hubbard considered himself the Antichrist and Lucifer, and accused the founder of the Christian religion of being nothing more than a ‘lover of young boys and men’ (so much for Scientology’s compatibility with other religions). Jesse explained at Toronto that on OT VIII you have to ‘run out’ all of your earlier auditing. Sadly, you do not receive a refund, or compensation for the wasted time and broken promises.

OT VIII languished for almost twenty years. Most significantly, it waited until after Hubbard was dead and gone and beyond the reproaches of the thousands who had believed that behind the OT VIII curtain was the greatest mystery of life itself.

In fact, behind the curtain was a small man, standing on a stool with a megaphone through which he bellowed at Dorothy, the Tin Woodman, the Lion and the Scarecrow. It is awfully hard to admit that you have spent years chasing an illusion. But the cupboard is actually bare.
Atack on OT 8

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